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Cloud Security Attacks, Techniques, Tools, and Challenges

Cloud Security Attacks, Techniques, Tools, and Challenges

Trending Research Book in Cloud Security Attacks, Techniques, Tools, and Challenges

Author(s) Name:  Preeti Mishra, Emmanuel S Pilli, R C Joshi

About the Book:

   Cloud computing has gained paramount attention and most of the companies are adopting this new paradigm and gaining significant benefits. As number of applications and business operations are being facilitated by the cloud computing paradigm, it has become the potential target to attackers. The importance of well-organized architecture and security roles have become greater with the growing popularity.
   Cloud Security: Attacks, Techniques, Tools, and Challenges, provides an in-depth technical description about various key essential aspects of cloud security. We have endeavored to provide a technical foundation that will be practically useful not just for students and independent researchers.
   This book is intended for both academic and professional audience. It could also be used as a textbook, for a semester course at undergraduate and post graduate level in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Security, and Information Science & Management.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing.
  2. Introduction to Cloud Security.
  3. Cloud Security and Privacy Issues.
  4. Threat Model and Cloud Attacks.
  5. Classification of Intrusion Detection Systems in Cloud.
  6. Intrusion Detection Techniques in Cloud.
  7. Overview of Tools (Attack/Security) in Cloud.
  8. Virtual Machine Introspection and Hypervisor Introspection.
  9. Container Security.

ISBN:  9780367435820

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis Group

Year of Publication:  2021

Book Link:  Home Page Url