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Data Privacy and Trust in Cloud Computing

Data Privacy and Trust in Cloud Computing

Interesting Research Book for Data Privacy and Trust in Cloud Computing

Author(s) Name:  Theo Lynn, John G. Mooney, Lisa van der Werff, Grace Fox

About the Book:

   This open access book brings together perspectives from multiple disciplines including psychology, law, IS, and computer science on data privacy and trust in the cloud. Cloud technology has fueled rapid, dramatic technological change, enabling a level of connectivity that has never been seen before in human history. However, this brave new world comes with problems. Several high-profile cases over the last few years have demonstrated cloud computing-s uneasy relationship with data security and trust.
   This book presents a framework for assurance and accountability in the cloud and reviews the literature on trust, data privacy and protection, and ethics in cloud computing.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Trust and Cloud Computing: An Integrated Framework for Assurance and Accountability in the Cloud
  • Dear Cloud, I Think We Have Trust Issues: Cloud Computing Contracts and Trust
  • Competing Jurisdictions: Data Privacy Across the Borders
  • Understanding and Enhancing Consumer Privacy Perceptions in the Cloud
  • Justice vs Control in Cloud Computing: A Conceptual Framework for Positioning a Cloud Service Provider-s Privacy Orientation
  • Ethics and Cloud Computing
  • Trustworthy Cloud Computing
  • ISBN:  978-3-030-54660-1

    Publisher:  Springer

    Year of Publication:  2021

    Book Link:  Home Page Url