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The Cloud Security Ecosystem Technical, Legal, Business and Management Issues

The Cloud Security Ecosystem Technical, Legal, Business and Management Issues

Latest Research Book in The Cloud Security Ecosystem Technical, Legal, Business and Management Issues

Author(s) Name:  Ryan Ko, Raymond Choo

About the Book:

   Drawing upon the expertise of world-renowned researchers and experts, The Cloud Security Ecosystem comprehensively discusses a range of cloud security topics from multi-disciplinary and international perspectives, aligning technical security implementations with the most recent developments in business, legal, and international environments. The book holistically discusses key research and policy advances in cloud security – putting technical and management issues together with an in-depth treaties on a multi-disciplinary and international subject.
   The book features contributions from key thought leaders and top researchers in the technical, legal, and business and management aspects of cloud security. The authors present the leading edge of cloud security research, covering the relationships between differing disciplines and discussing implementation and legal challenges in planning, executing, and using cloud security.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Cloud security ecosystem
  • Chapter 2: Cybercrime in cloud: Risks and responses in Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Chapter 3: CATRA: Conceptual cloud attack taxonomy and risk assessment framework
  • Chapter 4: Multitiered cloud security model
  • Chapter 5: A guide to homomorphic encryption
  • Chapter 6: Protection through isolation: Virtues and pitfalls
  • Chapter 7: Protecting digital identity in the cloud
  • Chapter 8: Provenance for cloud data accountability
  • Chapter 9: Security as a service (SecaaS)—An overview
  • Chapter 10: Secure migration to the cloud—In and out
  • Chapter 11: Keeping users empowered in a cloudy Internet of Things
  • Chapter 12: Cloud as infrastructure for managing complex scalable business networks, privacy perspective
  • Chapter 13: Psychology and security: Utilizing psychological and communication theories to promote safer cloud security behaviors
  • Chapter 14: Conceptual evidence collection and analysis methodology for Android devices
  • Chapter 15: Mobile cloud forensics: An analysis of seven popular Android apps
  • Chapter 16: Recovering residual forensic data from smartphone interactions with cloud storage providers
  • Chapter 17: Integrating digital forensic practices in cloud incident handling: A conceptual Cloud Incident Handling Model
  • Chapter 18: Cloud security and forensic readiness: The current state of an IaaS provider
  • Chapter 19: Ubuntu One investigation: Detecting evidences on client machines
  • Chapter 20: Governance in the Cloud
  • ISBN:  9780128017807

    Publisher:  Elsevier

    Year of Publication:  2015

    Book Link:  Home Page Url