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A survey on opinion mining and sentiment analysis: Tasks, approaches and applications - 2015

A Survey On Opinion Mining And Sentiment Analysis: Tasks, Approaches And Applications

Research Area:  Machine Learning


With the advent of Web 2.0, people became more eager to express and share their opinions on web regarding day-to-day activities and global issues as well. Evolution of social media has also contributed immensely to these activities, thereby providing us a transparent platform to share views across the world. These electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) statements expressed on the web are much prevalent in business and service industry to enable customer to share his/her point of view. In the last one and half decades, research communities, academia, public and service industries are working rigorously on sentiment analysis, also known as, opinion mining, to extract and analyze public mood and views. In this regard, this paper presents a rigorous survey on sentiment analysis, which portrays views presented by over one hundred articles published in the last decade regarding necessary tasks, approaches, and applications of sentiment analysis. Several sub-tasks need to be performed for sentiment analysis which in turn can be accomplished using various approaches and techniques. This survey covering published literature during 2002–2015, is organized on the basis of sub-tasks to be performed, machine learning and natural language processing techniques used and applications of sentiment analysis. The paper also presents open issues and along with a summary table of a hundred and sixty-one articles.


Author(s) Name:  Kumar Ravi and Vadlamani Ravi

Journal name:  Knowledge-Based Systems

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Elsevier B V


Volume Information:  Volume 89, November 2015, Pages 14-46