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Alzheimer-s Disease Diagnosis using Deep Learning Techniques - 2020

Alzheimer-S Disease Diagnosis Using Deep Learning Techniques

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Deep learning is one of the machine learning approach which has shown promising results and performance as compare to traditional algorithms of machine learning in terms of high dimensional data of MRI brain image. In this article the application of deep learning in medical field is addressed. A thorough review of various algorithms of deep learning for diagnosis of Alzheimer-s disease is done, in which this disease is a progressive brain disorder that destroy the brain memory gradually, it is a common disease in older adults which is caused by dementia. It has been obtained in most research papers that the most widely used and represented algorithm is Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) when it deals with brain image analysis. After study of various related papers for diagnosing of AD, we have come to this point and suggested that the AD prediction at earlier stages can be increased by using an advance deep learning techniques in different dataset (ADNI, OASIS) combining to one.


Author(s) Name:  Ahmad Waleed Salehi, Preety Baglat, Gaurav Gupta

Journal name:  International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

DOI:  10.35940/ijeat.C5345.029320

Volume Information:  Volume-9 Issue-3, February 2020