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Research Proposal in Social Information based People Recommendation

Research Proposal in Social Information based People Recommendation

   A recommendation system is an emerging field that is designed to filter the information and suggests new items to the users based on their history and preferences. Integrating social networks with recommendation systems helps in investigating different features of social networks that play a major role in generating effective recommendations. Recommender system with social information from social networks searches the interesting patterns for suggestions and resolves many issues of traditional recommender system such as cold start and data sparsity problem.
   People recommending system aims to suggest matching people or experts to the user by analyzing their social networks. Social information plays a vital role in a people-s recommendation to users. People recommendation utilizes the social information of the users and recommends potential people based on the similarity between the users and other people in terms of interactions and attractiveness. Social information-based people recommendation helps suggest that suitable people increase the probability of interactions.