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Data Analytics Methods for Attack Detection and Localization in Wireless Networks

Research Area:  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


   "Wireless ad hoc network operates without any fixed infrastructure and centralized administration. It is a group of wirelessly connected nodes having the capability to work as host and router. Due to its features of open communication medium, dynamic changing topology, and cooperative algorithm, security is the primary concern when designing wireless networks. Compared to the traditional wired network, a clean division of layers may be sacrificed for performance in wireless ad hoc networks. As a result, they are vulnerable to various types of attacks at different layers of the protocol stack.
   In this paper, I present real-time series data analysis solutions to detect various attacks including in- band wormholes attack in the network layer, various MAC layer misbehaviors, and jamming attack in the physical layer. And, I also investigate the problem of node localization in wireless and sensor networks, where a total of n anchor nodes are used to determine the locations of other nodes based on the received signal strengths.

Name of the Researcher:  Yi Ling

Name of the Supervisor(s):  Maggie Cheng

Year of Completion:  2017

University:  Missouri University

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