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Introduction to Network Security

Introduction to Network Security

Interesting Research Book in Introduction to Network Security

Author(s) Name:  Douglas Jacobson

About the Book:

   The book examines various network protocols, focusing on vulnerabilities, exploits, attacks, and methods to mitigate an attack. The book begins with a brief discussion of network architectures and the functions of layers in a typical network. It then examines vulnerabilities and attacks divided into four categories: header-, protocol-, authentication-, and traffic-based. The author next explores the physical, network, and transport layers of each network as well as the security of several common network applications. The last section recommends several network-based security solutions that can be successfully deployed.
   This book uses a define-attack-defend methodology for network security. The author briefly introduces the relevant protocols and follows up with detailed descriptions of known vulnerabilities and possible attack methods.

Table of Contents

  • Brief History of Computers, Communications, and Security
  • Security and Privacy Overview
  • Cryptography Primer
  • SSL/TLS—Case Study Project
  • Securing Networks
  • Virtual Private Network—Case Study Project
  • Insertion Attacks
  • Buffer Overflow—Case Study Project
  • Polymorphic Virus—Advanced Case Study Project
  • Web Security
  • Privacy and Anonymity
  • Digital Rights Management and Copyright
  • Security Economics
  • ISBN:  9781584885436

    Publisher:  Chapman and Hall/CRC

    Year of Publication:  2008

    Book Link:  Home Page Url