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Latest Research Papers in Network Security

Latest Research Papers in Network Security

Trending Network Security Research Papers

Network security is preserving the authenticity, integrity and availability of information on the network. The integrity is to ensure that unauthorized operations cannot modify data. The effectiveness is to ensure that unauthorized operations cannot destroy the information or computer resources. Network information security refers to data security, such as confidentiality, authenticity, availability, and controllability.

However, the security problem of the network system is becoming more and more prominent and getting more and more attention. There are mainly two kinds of computer security problems: 1) threats to information in the system and 2) to equipment in the system. Security protects your network and data from breaches, intrusions, and other threats. It is a vast and overarching term that describes hardware and software solutions, processes or rules, and configurations relating to network use, accessibility, and overall threat protections.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in Network Security