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Network Security and Management

Network Security and Management

Latest Research Book in Network Security and Management

Author(s) Name:  Brijendra Singh

About the Book:

   Written in an easy-to-understand style, this textbook, now in its third edition, continues to discuss in detail important concepts and major developments in network security and management. It is designed for a one-semester course for undergraduate students of Computer Science, Information Technology, and undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Applications.
   Students are first exposed to network security principles, organizational policy and security infrastructure, and then drawn into some of the deeper issues of cryptographic algorithms and protocols underlying network security applications. Encryption methods, secret key and public key cryptography, digital signature and other security mechanisms are emphasized. Smart card, biometrics, virtual private networks, trusted operating systems, pretty good privacy, database security, and intrusion detection systems are comprehensively covered. An in-depth analysis of technical issues involved in security management, risk management and security and law is presented.
   In the third edition, two new chapters—one on Information Systems Security and the other on Web Security—and many new sections such as digital signature, Kerberos, public key infrastructure, software security and electronic mail security have been included. Additional matter has also been added in many existing sections.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizational Policy and Security
  3. Security Infrastructure
  4. Cryptography
  5. Network Fundamentals
  6. Hardware and Software Security
  7. Database Security
  8. Information Systems Security
  9. Intrusion Detection Systems
  10. Network Security
  11. Wireless Security
  12. Web Security
  13. Network Management
  14. Security Management
  15. Risk Management and Incident Management
  16. Security and Law
  17. Internet Governance and Electronic Mail Policy
  18. Security of Internet Banking System

ISBN:  9788120344976

Publisher:   PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd

Year of Publication:  2011

Book Link:  Home Page Url