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Network Security: Attacks and Controls

Network Security: Attacks and Controls

Essential Research Book in Network Security: Attacks and Controls

Author(s) Name:  Natarajan Meghanathan

About the Book:

   The focus of this chapter is two-fold: It first presents the classical network attacks (such as Session Hijacking, Man-in-the-Middle attack, DNS attacks, Distributed Denial of Service attacks, and other miscellaneous attacks), which have exploited the various vulnerabilities of computer networks in the past, and reviews the solutions that have been implemented since then to mitigate or reduce the chances of these attacks.
   The authors then present the different network security controls, including the protocols and standards (such as IPSec, Kerberos, Secure Shell, Transport Layer Security, Virtual Private Networks, Firewalls, and S/MIME) that have been adopted in modern day computer networks to control the incidence of attacks in modern day computer networks.

Table of Contents

  • Review of Security in VANETs and MANETs
  • Trends in Crime Toolkit Development
  • Synthesis of Supervised Approaches for Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Applying Game Theory in Securing Wireless Sensor Networks by Minimizing Battery Usage
  • Short-Hops vs. Long-Hops: Energy-Efficiency Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • HTTPV: Verifiable HTTP across an Untrusted Channel
  • Amelioration of Anonymity Modus Operandi for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
  • Web Service Security: Authentication and Authorization Technologies
  • Identity-Based Encryption Protocol for Privacy and Authentication in Wireless Networks
  • Distinguishing Human Users from Bots: Methods and Assessments
  • Network Security: Attacks and Controls
  • Botnets: Analysis, Detection, and Mitigation
  • Formal Reliability Analysis of Engineering Systems
  • Adaptive Intrusion Detection Systems: The Next Generation of IDSs
  • ISBN:  9781466647893

    Publisher:   IGI Global

    Year of Publication:  2014

    Book Link:  Home Page Url