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Numerous state of the art simulation tools are available for network research. Among the available simulators, NS-2 is the widely used and highly recognized open source network simulator. The simulation behavior of NS-2 is highly trusted within the research community. It is a dependable and realistic discrete event based simulator tool and proves to be more practicable. It is primarily designed based on OSI model to support wired networks. CMU wireless extension of NS2 extensively supports wireless networks.

An unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in NS2, the first of its kind in Chennai. This course brings the best NS2 training for Graduate and Post-Graduate Engineering students and Research Scholars specialized in wired and wireless networks (B.E /B.Tech /M.E /M.Tech /M.S /Ph.D). Syllabus can be customized according to requirements of the student.

  • Introduction about NS2.
  • Installation Procedure
  • NS2 Architecture and Components
  • TCL Scripting / OTCL
  • Wired and Wireless Network Simulation models
  • Graph Generation using AWK Script & Trace file Analysis.
  • Case study on wired networks: Routing, Congestion Control and Queue Management
  • Case study on wireless networks: MANET Routing, Mobility Management,TCP/ UDP and WSN Models
  • Seating is limited, and pre-registration is required.
  • Weekdays and weekend classes
  • Unlimited Practical hours
  • Free software installation
  • Lot of samples for simulation models
  • Training Certificate
  • Softcopy of the Materials