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How to calculate indirect trust value of each router involved in communication using NS2?


Indirect trust value is calculated based on trust value reported by common neighbours of corresponding node.

Source Code

//Finding common neighbor for current path

int common_count=0;

int common_neighbor[100];

for (int p=0;p<neighbor_count[index];p++) {

for (int q=0;q<neighbor_count[path->nexthop];q++) {

//printf("n1=%d n2=%d\n",neighbor_id[index][p],neighbor_id[rt->rt_nexthop][q]);

if(neighbor_id[index][p]==neighbor_id[path->nexthop][q]) {



if(malicious_status[neighbor_id[index][p]]==1) {

printf("Attacker %d is common neighbor \n",neighbor_id[index][p]);






printf("Current_Path path->nexthop=%d \t common_count %d\n",path->nexthop,common_count);

float a[common_count];

float g_trust=0.0;

float avg_trust;

float add_trust;

for (int r=0;r<common_count;r++) { a[r]=DT[common_neighbor[r]][path->nexthop];

printf("DT=%.2f for nexthop %d at node %d\n",a[r],path->nexthop,common_neighbor[r]);

g_trust = g_trust + a[r];


avg_trust = g_trust / common_count;

avg_trust is the average trust value of indirect neighbors.