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How to implement Negative Binomial Distribution in R?

To implement the negative binomial distribution using R programming.


Four main functions in binomial distribution:

dnbinom(x, size= ,prob=)


  • Gives height of the probability distribution at each point


pnbinom(x, size= ,prob=)

  • Gives the cumulative probability of an event

qnbinom(p, size= ,prob=)

  • It takes the probability value and gives a number whose cumulative value matches the probability value.

rnbinom(x, size= ,prob=)

  • Used to generate random numbers whose distribution is binomial.
  • x — vector
  • Size — Number of success trials
  • Prob — Probability of success trails
Sapmle Code

#Negative Binomial Distribution
x y plot(x,y,col=”blue”)

y plot(x,y,col=”red”)

y print(y)

x hist(x,col=285)