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How to resolve Missing Values in R?


To resolve the missing values using R programming.

What is Missing Value?

  In statistics, missing data, or missing values,occur when no data value is storedfor the variable in an observation.

Need of detecting Missing Data:

   Missing data are a common occurrenceand can have a significant effecton the conclusionsthat can be drawnfrom the data.

  Package and Function:

R Package : mice

To view the missing value in tabularform

To impute the missing values withmean/median/mode

R Function :na(x)-- To check whether there is any missingvalues in the given data frame ormatrix

R Function : sum(x)-- To find the number of missing values

R Function : cases(x)--To print a logical vector thatindicates complete and missing rows(i.e. rows without NA).

R Function : omit(x)-- To remove the columns having missingvalues

R Function : pattern(x)-- This function from MICE packageused to view the tabular form of missingValues

X -- Data Frame or Matrix

Sapmle Code

#Weibull Distribution

y<-dweibull(x,shape = 3,scale=8)
plot(x,y,main=”dweibull plot”,col=”blue”)


y<-qweibull(p=0.4,shape = 2,scale = 2)

x<-rweibull(n =20,shape = 4,scale = 4)

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