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A hybrid multi-stage learning technique based on brain storming optimization algorithm for breast cancer recurrence prediction - 2021

A Hybrid Multi-Stage Learning Technique Based On Brain Storming Optimization Algorithm For Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Breast cancer disease is considered to be the second leading reason for death among women. Unfortunately, even if the treatment of cancer started soon after diagnosis, the cancer cells may remain in the body, and cancer may recur. Various Machine Learning (ML) methods to predict breast cancer recurrence were applied recently, and the ML methods’ performance needs to be examined to determine the proper method for prediction. Usually, the datasets contain many features which may sometimes mislead the prediction process; as some features may lead to confusion or inaccurate prediction. Thus, in this study, two breast cancer recurrence datasets were statistically analyzed and further refined by Brain Storming Optimization algorithm (BSO). The proposed multi-stages technique consists of three main stages; first, the statistical feature selection methods (SFM) which statistically select the discriminative features based on importance ranking and features correlations and statistical hypothesis testing, to be passed to the second stage. The features are ranked based on their correlation with the class variable. The second stage namely the multi classifier (MC), which evaluates each method based on three classifiers and produces a combination of features performed by two SFM and three classifiers. In the third stage, the best combination of the selected features was recognized by the BSO algorithm to search for an optimal solution that produces the highest accuracy. In addition, the BSO algorithm has been modified to deal with the feature selection problem. The performance of the proposed technique was evaluated by stratified 10-fold cross-validation. As a result, the multi-stage learning technique showed to be effective in ranking the features and improved the classification accuracy for breast cancer recurrence.


Author(s) Name:  Maram Alwohaibi, Malek Alzaqebah, Noura M.Alotaibi, Abeer M.Alzahrani, Mariem Zouch

Journal name:  Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  ELsevier


Volume Information:  2021