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A Survey of Autoencoder-Based Recommender Systems - 2020

A Survey Of Autoencoder-Based Recommender Systems

Research Area:  Machine Learning


In the past decade, recommender systems have been widely used to provide users with personalized products and services. However, most traditional recommender systems are still facing a challenge in dealing with the huge volume, complexity, and dynamics of information. To tackle this challenge, many studies have been conducted to improve recommender system by integrating deep learning techniques. As an unsupervised deep learning method, autoencoder has been widely used for its excellent performance in data dimensionality reduction, feature extraction, and data reconstruction. Meanwhile, recent researches have shown the high efficiency of autoencoder in information retrieval and recommendation tasks. Applying autoencoder on recommender systems would improve the quality of recommendations due to its better understanding of users demands and characteristics of items. This paper reviews the recent researches on autoencoder-based recommender systems. The differences between autoencoder-based recommender systems and traditional recommender systems are presented in this paper. At last, some potential research directions of autoencoder-based recommender systems are discussed.


Author(s) Name:  Guijuan Zhang, Yang Liu & Xiaoning Jin

Journal name:  Frontiers of Computer Science

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Springer

DOI:  10.1007/s11704-018-8052-6

Volume Information:  volume 14, pages430–450 (2020)