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Survey of Natural Language Processing Techniques in Bioinformatics - 2015

Survey Of Natural Language Processing Techniques In Bioinformatics

Research Area:  Machine Learning


Informatics methods, such as text mining and natural language processing, are always involved in bioinformatics research. In this study, we discuss text mining and natural language processing methods in bioinformatics from two perspectives. First, we aim to search for knowledge on biology, retrieve references using text mining methods, and reconstruct databases. For example, protein-protein interactions and gene-disease relationship can be mined from PubMed. Then, we analyze the applications of text mining and natural language processing techniques in bioinformatics, including predicting protein structure and function, detecting noncoding RNA. Finally, numerous methods and applications, as well as their contributions to bioinformatics, are discussed for future use by text mining and natural language processing researchers.


Author(s) Name:  Zhiqiang Zeng , Hua Shi , Yun Wu , Zhiling Hong

Journal name:  Comput Math Methods

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  pubmed

DOI:  10.1155/2015/674296

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