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How does Edge Orchestrator work in EdgeCloudSim?

  • Description

    The Edge Orchestrator module is a decision maker of the system based on the information collected from the other modules to decide how and where to handle incoming clients requests. It implements a new CPU utilization model for the VMs where the number of maximum tasks running in parallel on the VMs is limited.

  • Explain Mobility Module in EdgeCloudSim.

    In mobility module, each mobile device has x and y coordinates which are updated according to the dynamically managed hash table. Also it defines locations where dedicated Wi-Fi access points are utilized by the mobile devices.

  • What are the responsibilities of Load Generator in EdgeCloudSim?

    The load generator module is responsible for generating tasks for the given configuration. The mobility and load generator modules are the main components which provide input to other components. It provides additional results such as the average LAN delay, average number of failed tasks due to mobility and average number of mobile clients in a specific location. The tasks are generated according to a poisson distribution, and the mobile devices move according to the nomadic mobility model. The data size and the length of the tasks should be decided with a proper distribution with respect to the selected task generation distribution.