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A binary Bird Swarm Optimization based load balancing algorithm for cloud computing environment - 2021

A binary Bird Swarm Optimization based load balancing algorithm for cloud computing environment

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


Task scheduling and load balancing are a concern for service providers in the cloud computing environment. The problem of scheduling tasks and balancing loads in a cloud is categorized under an NP-hard problem. Thus, it needs an efficient load scheduling algorithm that not only allocates the tasks onto appropriate VMs but also maintains the trade-off amidst VMs. It should keep an equilibrium among VMs in a way that reduces the makespan while maximizing the utilization of resources and throughput. In response to it, the authors propose a load balancing algorithm inspired by the mimicking behavior of a flock of birds, which is called the Bird Swarm Optimization Load Balancing (BSO-LB) algorithm that considers tasks as birds and VMs as destination food patches. In the considered cloud simulation environment, tasks are assumed to be independent and non-preemptive. To evaluate the efficacy of the proposed algorithm under real workloads, the authors consider a dataset (GoCJ) logged by Goggle in 2018 for the execution of cloudlets. The proposed algorithm aims to enhance the overall system performance by reducing response time and keeping the whole system balanced. The authors have integrated the binary variant of the BSO algorithm with the load balancing method. The proposed technique is analyzed and compared with other existing load balancing algorithms such as MAX-MIN, RASA, Improved PSO, and other scheduling algorithms as FCFS, SJF, and RR. The experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms when being compared with the different algorithms mentioned above. It is noteworthy that the proposed approach illustrates an improvement in resource utilization and reduces the makespan of tasks.


Author(s) Name:   Kaushik Mishra and Santosh Kumar Majhi

Journal name:  Open Computer Science

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:   De Gruyter

DOI:  10.1515/comp-2020-0215

Volume Information:  Volume 2021