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Research Topics for Cloudlet Computing

Cloudlet Computing

Great Research Topics for Cloudlet Computing

   The widespread adoption of cloud computing to the Internet of Things (IoT) systems leads the network latency constraint for many applications. A Cloudlet [1] plays a key role in reducing the end-to-end latency by bringing the cloud computing services nearer to the edge. It is a decentralized small-scale cloud datacenter located at the edge of the Internet, offering services to nearby mobile users. The main objective of Cloudlet is to support time-sensitive mobile applications such as augmented reality applications with minimum latency. With the target of providing the real-time interactive response, Cloudlet computing has emerged due to its significant characteristics such as low-latency, one-hop communication, and high-bandwidth wireless access [2]. Cloudlet is represented as the 3-tier hierarchy, including mobile device-cloudlet-cloud. Traditional researchers have presented Cloudlet-based solutions to overcome the obstacles in the cloud computing-based solutions for real-time especially, time-sensitive applications [3, 4]. The existing Cloudlet computing systems [5, 6] have focused on the following research areas. • Providing the Cloudlet computing solutions based on resource optimization to address resource-scarcity challenges at a cloudlet. • Due to the resource sharing between cloudlets, providing collaboration among cloudlets for resource sharing and load balancing becomes an emerging research area. • VM migration between cloudlets and optimal cloudlet selection is another important research area. • Developing a performance-centric solution and requiring a global mechanism to facilitate the entire cycle of resource management for better assessment, allocation, and optimization are also be future research directions. • Modeling the independent deployment of Cloudlet infrastructure in the LAN network is essential due to higher dependency between the service providers and Cloudlet computing.