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Research Topics for Container Computing

Container Computing

Latest Research Topics for Container Computing

   In recent years, Container has gained significant attention in cloud computing, which is the promising lightweight solution for virtualization. Container technology enables the system to package an application that is isolated from other processes, hence, it runs the application with dependencies. The container technology supports the easy way of copying or moving the processes from one cloud environment to another. With the target of addressing the virtualization challenges in cloud computing, container computing has emerged with the advantage of resource elasticity. Virtual Machine (VM) in the Cloud spends time for initialization in minutes whereas, Container initializes itself only in seconds. Compared to VMs, Container computing ensures better performance, high portability, and minimum resource overhead. Container technology has the ability to develop, deploy, and test the application in numerous servers and also, support inter-container connectivity. In Container computing, multiple containers run on the same host and share their Operating System (OS) kernel with others. Container computing easily handles complex applications through modularity that partitions a complex application into several modules to ease the management and execution. Additionally, container technology enables the reuse of image layers by other containers with the target of reducing disk usage. Despite, Container computing also has several shortcomings, are described as follows: • Security is a major concern in container computing due to its isolation while executing applications • Lack of supporting the customization of hardware during the application execution in the cloud • Inability to provide resources for policy-based services and distributed computing. • Containers are unable to adopt execution of an application in different OS and kernel versions and execute only in the installed version. • Resource monitoring and log analysis are essential in an isolated container environment to find the cause and solution for failure management.