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Guaranteeing Fault-Tolerant Requirement Load Balancing Scheme Based on VM Migration - 2014

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


Virtualization is an important enabling technology for many large data centers and cloud computing environments, and virtual machine (VM) migration plays a key role in the load balancing among the hosts of the data center. However, the existing load balancing schemes based on VM migration have serious influence on the fault-tolerant level of the services in the data center, and thus the reliability of the services cannot be guaranteed. In this paper, a novel guaranteeing fault-tolerant requirement load balancing scheme (GFTLBS) is proposed. GFTLBS migrates the VMs to balance the load without violating the fault-tolerant requirement of all services. The simulation results show that the scheme can guarantee the fault-tolerant requirements of all services while keeping the load balance.

Author(s) Name:  Lin Yao; Guowei Wu; Jiankang Ren; Yanwei Zhu and Ying Li

Journal name:  The Computer Journal

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1093/comjnl/bxt012

Volume Information:  Volume: 57, Issue: 2, Feb. 2014,Page(s): 225 - 232