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Improving Total Migration Time in Live Virtual Machine Migration - 2015

Improving Total Migration Time in Live Virtual Machine Migration

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


Virtualization is the key underlying technology enabling cloud providers to host services for a large number of customers. Live migration is an essential feature of virtualization that allows transfer of virtual machines from one physical server to another. Live migration facilitates workload balancing, fault tolerance, online system maintenance, consolidation of virtual machines etc. The pre-copy algorithm is the most used method for the live migration of virtual machines. One of the objectives of live migration is that it should have minimum migration time as well as downtime so that application running on VM will be suspended for negligible time. In this paper we proposed an algorithm to improve the total migration time which is modifies the existing counting Sort algorithm for the live Migration and time series based algorithm. This algorithm takes dirty counts of group of pages instead of individual dirty counts of each page and send those pages only which are not highly dirtied.


Author(s) Name:  Bubai Das , Kunal Kumar Mandal and Suvrojit Das

Journal name:  

Conferrence name:  Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Computer and Communication Technology

Publisher name:  ACM

DOI:  10.1145/2818567.2818578

Volume Information:  September 2015 Pages 57–61