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Load Balancing Approach to Enhance the Performance in Cloud Computing - 2021

Load Balancing Approach to Enhance the Performance in Cloud Computing

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


Virtualization technologies are being adopted and broadly utilized in many fields and at different levels. In cloud computing, achieving load balancing across large distributed virtual machines is considered a complex optimization problem with an essential importance in cloud computing systems and data centers as the overloading or underloading of tasks on VMs may cause multiple issues in the cloud system like longer execution time, machine failure, high power consumption, etc. Therefore, load balancing mechanism is an important aspect in cloud computing that assist in overcoming different performance issues. In this research, we propose a new approach that combines the advantages of different task allocation algorithms like Round robin algorithm, and Random allocation with different threshold techniques like the VM utilization and the number of allocation counts using least connection mechanism. We performed extensive simulations and experiments that augment different scheduling policies to overcome the resource utilization problem without compromising other performance measures like makespan and execution time of the tasks. The proposed system provided better results compared to the original round robin as it takes into consideration the dynamic state of the system.


Author(s) Name:  Rassan, Iehab AL,Alarif, Noof

Journal name:  International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  

DOI:  10.22937/IJCSNS.2021.21.2.18

Volume Information:   Volume 21 Issue 2, Pages.158-170,2021