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Research Topics for Mist Computing

Mist Computing

Hot Research Topics for Mist Computing

   Mist Computing is a paradigm that provides the computational and communication resources to the edge devices through Device-to-Device communication. Mist computing has extended the Fog and Cloud computing technology to a collaborative cloud technology based on the communication level of sensors and actuators. Mist is also known as a cloud, which has less density than the fog located near the Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile devices. It reduces the burden on the communication network by leveraging the computational networking resources from the devices to the edge of the IoT networks. The Mist approach is located in between the Cloudlet and Fog environment The potential features of the Mist computing involve reconfigurability, Scalability, location self-awareness, situation awareness, and attention, and machine-to-machine communication (M2M). It ensures the increased autonomous execution, reduced latency, low mobility, and reduced power consumption. Mist computing provides a solution for determining the location of the system for executing the cognitive tasks without affecting the performance of the system. Future MIST computing researches need to be focused on addressing the following shortcomings in various aspects. • The adoption of the MIST computing demands massive data aggregation for distributed intelligent transport and traffic management system. • The distributed IoT devices fail to manage the resources efficiently in MIST computing compared to the centralized computing that gathers all the resources in a central pool and effectively manages them. • It is essential to achieve advanced levels of autonomous behavior to self-adapt at run time and learn behaviors appropriate in a dynamic environment in terms of context-awareness and self-awareness. • In the Mist approach, efficient and reliable management of using the computational resources including storage, processing power, and networking, dynamic infrastructure is a challenging task.