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Research Topics in Mobile Ad-Hoc Cloud Computing

Mobile Ad-Hoc Cloud Computing

Mobile Ad-Hoc Cloud Computing Research Topics

Mobile Ad-Hoc Cloud computing (MAC) is an emerging paradigm, comprises a group of resource-rich mobile devices in the locality that delivers high functionalities and rich resource experience to other mobile users. MAC is a kind of Mobile Cloud Computing, located over a Mobile Ad-Hoc network for executing the compute-intensive applications using the resources of the other mobile devices.

Similar to Volunteer computing, it is also a temporary resource donation that provides high computational capabilities closer to the user within the minimized cost consumption. In MAC, act as both resource donator and resource user for executing an application in the MAC environment. MAC improves the resource capacity of resource-constrained mobile devices and diminishes the several obstructions including maximized delay and small throughput.

In MAC, the Cloud management, user authentication, resource monitoring, and task scheduling for executing an application is the responsibility of the mobile devices. Even though there is a fragile wireless internet connection in the remote Cloud or the near Cloudlet, MAC effectively executes the application. Additionally, MAC computing minimizes both time and energy consumption through the offloading of tasks to the neighboring devices.

As the Mobile Ad Hoc Cloud (MAC) is in the infancy stage, it requires some researches to be conducted as follows:
• The construction of MAC with highly dynamic, mobile, heterogeneous, and scattered resources is a difficult task.
• In MAC, it is an essential task to perform authentication, authorization, and validating the privacy of the personal data of the users on the mobile devices.
• Additionally, it is required to conduct research for efficient resource management, optimal task partitioning and offloading, and heterogeneity-aware task allocation.
• Moreover, MAC computing has several challenges such as fault tolerance, scalability, resource Discovery.