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A Systematic Review of Log-Based Cloud Forensics - 2021

A Systematic Review of Log-Based Cloud Forensics

Research Area:  Digital Forensics


Inexpensive devices that leverage cloud computing technology has proliferated the current market. With the increasing popularity and huge user base, the number of cybercrimes has also increased immensely. The forensics of the cloud has now become an important task. But due to the geographically distributed nature and multi-device capability of the cloud computing environment, the forensics of the cloud has become a challenging task. The logs generated by the cloud infrastructure provide the forensics investigator with major hints that may follow to reconstruct the crime scene chronology. This is highly critical for the forensics investigator to investigate the case. But the logs are not easily accessible, or they often fail to provide any critical clues due to poor logging practices. In this paper, initially, the importance of log-based cloud forensics has been discussed. Then, a taxonomy based on the survey of the literature has been furnished. Finally, the issues in the existing log-based cloud forensics schemes have been outlined and open research problems have been identified.


Author(s) Name:  Atonu Ghosh, Debashis De Koushi, k Majumder

Journal name:  

Conferrence name:  Inventive Computation and Information Technologies

Publisher name:  Springer, Singapore


Volume Information:  pp 333-347