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IoT Forensics: An Overview of the Current Issues and Challenges - 2020

IoT Forensics: An Overview of the Current Issues and Challenges

Research Area:  Digital Forensics


The pursuit of cybercrime in an IoT environment often requires complex investigations where the traditional digital forensics methodology may struggle to support the forensics investigators. This is due to the nature of the technologies such as RFID, sensors and cloud computing, used in IoT environments together with the huge volume and heterogeneous information and borderless cyber infrastructure, rising new challenges in modern digital forensics. In the last few years, many researches have been conducted discussing the challenges facing digital forensic investigators and the impact of these challenges bring upon the field. Some of these challenges include the ambiguity of data location, data acquisition, diversity of devices, various data types, volatility of data and the lack of adequate forensics tools. Moreover, while there are many technical challenges in IoT forensics, there are also non-technical challenges such as determining what are IoT devices, how to forensically acquire data and secure the chain of custody among other unexplored areas, including resources required for training or the type of applied forensics tools. A profound understanding of the challenges found in the literature will help the researchers in identifying future research directions and provide some guidelines to support forensics investigators. This study presents a succinct overview of IoT forensics challenges focusing on a typical smart home investigation and a comparison of the existing frameworks to conduct forensics investigations in the IoT environment.


Author(s) Name:  T. JanarthananM. BagheriS. Zargari

Journal name:  Digital Forensic Investigation of Internet of Thing Devices

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Springer


Volume Information:  pp 223-254