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PhD Computer Science in Bournemouth University - Poole - United Kingdom

Bournemouth University - Poole - United Kingdom

About Bournemouth University

  Bournemouth University is a publicly-based institution located in Bournemouth, England, and was founded in 1992. The Bournemouth University is appreciated for its work in the media industry.
  Bournemouth University was awarded a silver rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework. Bournemouth University owns confederation from the Association of Commonwealth Universities and membership of the Florence Network.
  Bournemouth University proffers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research study programs in various health, social sciences, management, technology, media, communication, business, and science disciplines.
  Bournemouth University greatly engages diverse cultures and nationalities from 125 countries worldwide. Bournemouth University comprises eight faculties and one school for offering various degree programs.
  Bournemouth University is dedicated to inspiring learning, advancing knowledge, and enriching society over wider communities and multiple academic areas. Bournemouth University is an intense and dynamic university with a robust focus on academic excellence, top-class research, and outstanding graduate employability.

Address & Website of Bournemouth University

Address:  Fern Barrow, Poole BH12 5BB, United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 1202 524111



University Type:  Public university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Bournemouth University

 •  BSc (Hons) Computer Science
 •  MSc Computer Science
 •  MSc Cyber Security
 •  MSc Artificial Intelligence
 •  MSc Big Data Analytics
 •  Ph.D. Computer Science
 •  Ph.D. Cyber Security
 •  Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence
 •  Ph.D. Big Data Analytics

Computer Science Research Areas - Bournemouth University


The computer science research undertaken by Bournemouth University is avant-garde in terms of innovation and advancements in the field.
 •  Cyber Security
 •  Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
 •  Future and Complex Networks
 •  Human-Computer Interaction
 •  Processes and Behaviour Understanding

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Bournemouth University

Cyber Security;
 •  Cyber-Physical System Security
 •  Cyber Security Education
 •  Digital Forensics & Incident Response
 •  Intelligence & Security Informatics
 •  Security & Privacy by Design and Social Cybersecurity

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence;
 •  Scalable and continual machine learning
 •  Computational intelligence
 •  Statistical modeling
 •  Computer vision
 •  Knowledge engineering
 •  Smart environments
 •  Smart energy
 •  Remote sensing
 •  Assistive technologies
 •  Healthcare

Future and Complex Networks;
 •  Network science
 •  information-centric networking (ICN)
 •  The internet of things (IoT)
 •  5G
 •  Crowdsourced systems

Human-Computer Interaction;
 •  Interaction Design
 •  Assistive Technologies
 •  Human Factors
 •  Social Informatics
 •  Data Visualisation
 •  Digital Health

Processes and Behaviour Understanding;
 •  Disease diagnosis and understanding for patients healthcare in the future
 •  Environmental species and ecosystems emerging behavior under climate change
 •  Predictive human behavior and processes in the context of cyber-physical security in urban spaces
 •  Automated detection of industrial processes for critical operations

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Bournemouth University

The computer science research labs and groups at Bournemouth University are leading the way in developing innovative solutions for technological challenges.
 •  Centre for Computer Science Research
 •   Visual Computing Group 
 •  Cyber Security Research Group 
 •  Centre for Visual Computing
 •  Centre for Artificial Intelligence
 •  Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems 
 •   Autonomous Systems Lab 
 •  Computer Vision Research Group
 •  Natural Language Processing Research Group 
 •  Human-Computer Interaction Group 
 •  Database Research Group 
 •  Algorithms Research Group 
 •   Machine Learning Research Group 
 •  Software Engineering Research Group 
 •  Mobile Computing Research Group

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Bournemouth University

 •  Chancellor-s International Scholarship 
 •  Academic Excellence Scholarship 
 •  Alumni Loyalty Discount 
 •   Bournemouth University International Scholarship 
 •  Bournemouth University Postgraduate Masters Scholarship 
 •  International Merit Scholarship 
 •   Vice-Chancellor-s International Scholarship 
 •  Research Council Studentship 
 •  Santander Mobility Award 
 •  UK/EU Postgraduate Masters Scholarship

Name the funded projects in the computer at Bournemouth University in the UK 

 •   Future Connected: Future Networks for Autonomous Mobility
 •  Innovative Training Network for Human-Centred Interaction Technologies
 •  AI for Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems
 •  Intelligent Infrastructure for Cyber-Physical Systems
 •  Autonomous Vehicle Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems
 •   Autonomous Systems for Industry 4.0
 •  AI-Enabled Autonomous Cognitive Systems
 •   AI-Enabled Business Process Automation
 •  Adaptive Autonomous Systems for Smart Manufacturing
 •   Intelligent Autonomous Systems for Human-Robot Interaction

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Bournemouth University

To be considered for admission to the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Bournemouth University, applicants must meet the following necessities: 
 •   Applicants must have a master-s degree in Computer Science or a relevant discipline from an accredited institution with a minimum of 2:1 
 •  Applicants must hold a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in Computer Science or a related area
 •  Applicants must submit a research proposal detailing the proposed area of research, including a timeline for the project
 •  Applicants must submit two letters of reference, current curriculum vitae, and transcripts of previous academic work
 •  Applicants should demonstrate high proficiency in written and spoken English and an aptitude for research.

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Bournemouth University