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PhD Computer Science in Charles Darwin University - Casuarina - Australia

Charles Darwin University - Casuarina - Australia

About Charles Darwin University

  Charles Darwin University is an Australian public institution established in 2003. Charles Darwin University is an associate of the seven Innovative Research Universities in Australia and delivers academic degrees and vocational education.
  Charles Darwin University owns the transformative power through our innovative and impactful training, education, and research. Charles Darwin University is dedicated to significantly contributing to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  Charles Darwin University offers a variety of courses such as foundation program, first-year diplomas, pre-masters courses, certificate level programs, diploma, and advanced diploma programs, undergraduate, postgraduate, and high degree by research programs across several disciplines such as Aboriginal and Australian Studies, Art and Design, Business and Economics, Computing and Information Technology, Education and Teaching, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Legal Studies, Medicine and Health, Music and Creative Arts.
  Charles Darwin University is one of Australia-s most multicultural universities and boasts a groundbreaking environment, a vibrant and engaged community, and high-quality education and research.

Address & Website of Charles Darwin University

Address:  Ellengowan Dr, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 8946 6666



University Type:  Public university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Charles Darwin University

 •  Bachelor of Computer Science 
 •  Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) 
 •  Bachelor of Information Technology 
 •  Master of Computer Science 
 •  Master of Information Technology 
 •  Graduate Certificate in Computing 
 •  Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) 
 •  Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

Computer Science Research Areas - Charles Darwin University


Charles Darwin University-s Casuarina campus is the center of a thriving computer science research program with the potential to make significant contributions to the field and some of the Computer Science Research Areas at Charles Darwin University are
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •   Database and Data Mining
 •  Computer Networks
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Graphics and Visualization
 •  Human-Computer Interaction
 •  Multimedia
 •  High Performance Computing
 •  Information; Application and Network Security
 •  Nano-systems
 •  Deep Learning

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Charles Darwin University

Artificial Intelligence: 
 •  Machine Learning 
 •  Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 
 •  Robotics 
 •  Natural Language Processing 

Database and Data Mining: 
 •   Data Warehousing 
 •  Data Integration 
 •   Big Data Analytics 
 •  Web Mining  

Computer Networks: 
 •  Network Security 
 •  Wireless Networking  

Software Engineering: 
 •   Software Testing 
 •  Software Requirements Engineering 
 •  Software Project Management  

Computer Graphics and Visualization: 
 •  Shape Modeling 
 •  Image Processing 
 •  Animation 
 •  Virtual Reality  

Human-Computer Interaction: 
 •   User Interface Design 
 •   Multimedia Design 
 •   Usability Evaluation 
 •   Social Computing  

 •   Video Coding 
 •  Audio Coding 
 •  Image Coding 
 •  Multimedia Delivery  

Internet of Things:
 •   Real-time Data Acquisition and Analysis for IoT Applications
 •  Big Data for IoT-enabled Smart Cities
 •  Autonomous Vehicle Navigation via IoT
 •  Developing AI-enabled IoT Solutions for Smart Homes 

Information, Application, and Network Security:
 •   Intrusion Detection and Prevention via Machine Learning
 •   Cryptography and Network Security
 •   Application Security and Identity Management
 •   Cloud Security and Data Protection 

 •  Design and Implementation of Nano-scale Computing Systems
 •  Development of Micro-electro-mechanical Systems
 •  Nano-sensors for Medical Diagnostics
 •  Artificial Intelligence-driven Nanotechnology 

Deep Learning:
 •  Natural Language Processing and Text Analysis
 •  Automatic Speech Recognition and Voice
 •  Autonomous Robotics and Decision Making

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Charles Darwin University

The Computer Science research labs, groups, and centers at Charles Darwin University Casuarina in Australia are dedicated to providing cutting-edge research and innovative solutions to today-s challenges.
 •  Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
 •  Centre for Networking and Security Research
 •   Centre for Secure and Dependable Systems
 •  Centre for Software Engineering
 •  Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia
 •   Data Science Laboratory
 •  High-Performance Computing and Networking Group
 •  Information Assurance Group
 •   Intelligent Autonomous Systems
 •  Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group
 •   Network Security and Networked Systems Group
 •  Quantum Computing and Cryptography Group
 •   Security and Privacy Research Group
 •   Software Engineering and Digital Forensics Group
 •  Telecommunications and Networking Group
 •  Web and Internet Science Group

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Charles Darwin University

 •  Charles Darwin University Excellence Scholarship 
 •  Charles Darwin University International Research Scholarship 
 •   Charles Darwin University Doctoral Scholarship 
 •  Charles Darwin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship 
 •   Charles Darwin University Research Training Program Scholarship 
 •  Charles Darwin University Top-Up Scholarship
 •   Charles Darwin University Postgraduate Research Fellowship 
 •   Charles Darwin University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 
 •   Charles Darwin University Future Leaders Scholarship 
 •  Charles Darwin University Postgraduate Research Award

Funded projects in computer science at Charles Darwin university are

 •  Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX): Connecting Communities and Technology
 •   Autonomous Vehicle Technology Research 
 •  Citizen Science for Sustainable Development 
 •  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Visualization Technologies 
 •  Cybersecurity and Privacy Research 
 •   Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Research 
 •  Human-Computer Interaction Research 
 •   Advanced Robotics Research 

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Charles Darwin University

Ph.D. computer science admission requirements at Charles Darwin university are:
 •  A minimum of a bachelor-s degree in a related field, including computer science, mathematics, engineering, or physics, with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 
 •  A statement of purpose 
 •  Two letters of recommendation 
 •  Official transcripts 
 •  GRE scores  
 •  English proficiency scores for international students
 •  Applicants must apply online with all the required supporting documents and pay the application fee