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PhD Computer Science in Curtin University - Perth - Australia

Curtin University - Perth - Australia

About Curtin University

  Curtin University is the first Australian technological and public research institution in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia, established in 1966.
  Curtin University is a part of the Australian Technology Network. Curtin University is highly active in research in a span of academic and practical disciplines. Curtin University is an affiliate of Open Universities Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning.
  Curtin University is renowned for its collaboration with businesses, cutting-edge courses, and superior research worldwide. Curtin University received five-star rankings over five categories and is appreciated among the best institutions in Australia for its faculty credentials, high standards of instruction, and learning resources. By the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Curtin University is among the leading 1% of universities worldwide. 
  Curtin University offers more than 200 undergraduates and graduates in ten different study areas, which are categorized into four divisions in the university-s academic structure, including the faculties of Health Sciences, Humanities, Business & Law, and Science & Engineering. Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Nursing, Psychology, Public Health, Media, Design, Creative Arts, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Life Sciences.
  Curtin University is well-known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships, international expansion, and research focus are rising rapidly up the international rankings more recently.

Address & Website of Curtin University

Address:  Kent St, Bentley WA 6102, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 9266 9266



University Type:  Public university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Curtin University


 •  Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
 •  Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering)
 •  Bachelor of Science (Computer Systems)
 •  Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security)
 •  Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
 •  Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)
 •  Master of Computer Science 
 •  Master of Cyber Security 
 •  Master of Information Technology 
 •  Master of Professional Engineering (Software Engineering)
 •  Master of Science (Computer Science) 
 •  Master of Science (Software Engineering)
 •  Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science & Software Engineering)
 •  Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)
 •  Doctor of Philosophy (Software Engineering)

Computer Science Research Areas - Curtin University


Curtin University Perth is at the forefront of computer science research delivering many innovative projects and opportunities for students and researchers. 
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •   Data Science
 •  Computer Security
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Networks
 •  Human-Computer Interaction
 •  Computer Graphics and Visualization
 •  Operating Systems
 •  Programming Languages
 •   Computer Architecture

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Curtin University

Artificial Intelligence:
 •  Natural Language Processing
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Robotics
 •  Computer Vision.

 Data Science:
 •  Big Data Analytics
 •  Data Mining
 •  Predictive Analytics
 •  Recommender Systems.

Computer Security:
 •  Security Protocols
 •  Cryptography
 •  Network Security
 •  Intrusion Detection.

Software Engineering:
 •  Software Design
 •  Software Development
 •  Testing
 •  Maintenance.

Computer Networks:
 •  Network Design
 •  Network Protocols
 •  Network Security
 •  Wireless Networks.

Human-Computer Interaction:
 •  User Interfaces
 •  Usability
 •  Accessibility.

Computer Graphics and Visualization:
 •  Virtual Reality
 •  Augmented Reality
 •  Computer Animation.

 Operating Systems:
 •  Operating System Design
 •  System Administration
 •  System Security.

Programming Languages:
 •  Compilers
 •  Interpreters
 •  Programming Paradigms.

 Computer Architecture:
 •  Processor Design
 •  Computer Organization
 •  Parallel Processing.

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Curtin University

Curtin University is the hub of a range of computer science research labs and groups dedicated to exploring and advancing state of art in computer science.
 •  Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance (AASQA)
 •  Centre for Software Practice 
 •  Communication Technology and Signal Processing Group
 •  Curtin Human Centred Technology Research Group 
 •  Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC)
 •  Curtin Institute for Radio Astronomy (CIRA)
 •  Curtin Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group 
 •  Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Group 
 •  Digital Media and Information Technology Research Group 
 •  Embedded Systems Research Group
 •  Information Systems Research Group 
 •  Network Science and Security Research Group 
 •  Remote Sensing Research Group
 •  Software Engineering and Testing Research Group 
 •  SSERVI Australia
 •  Systems and Network Security Research Group 
 •  Visualization and Interaction Research Group 
 •  Wireless Instrumentation and Networks Research Group

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Curtin University

 •  Curtin University Excellence Scholarships for Postgraduate Research in Computer Science
 •  Western Australia International Scholarship for Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
 •   Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  International Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
 •   International Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Computer Science
 •   International Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Software and Computer Science
 •  Curtin Science Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
 •  Curtin Research Excellence Scholarship in Computer Science
 •   Curtin Excellence Scholarship for Doctoral Research in Computer Science
 •  Curtin Distinguished Scholarship in Computer Science
 •  Curtin International Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship in Computer Science
 •  Curtin Future Leaders Scholarship in Computer Science
 •  Curtin International Postgraduate Research Award in Computer Science

Funded projects in computer science at Curtin University are 

 •  Cyber Security and Privacy Research Project 
 •   Cognitive Systems and Robotics Research Project 
 •  Human-Centred Computing Research Project 
 •  Data Science and Knowledge Engineering Research Project 
 •  Digital Humanities Research Project 
 •  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research Project 
 •  Networked and Distributed Systems Research Project 
 •  Visual Computing and Graphics Research Project 

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Curtin University

Admission requirements at Curtin University for Ph.D. admission are
 •  Applicants must have a bachelor-s degree in Computer Science or a relevant field from an authorized university with a minimum GPA of 6.5 
 •   Applicants must have a minimum of 80% in the final year of their undergraduate courses 
 •  Applicants must submit proof of their proficiency in the English language with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent
 •   Applicants must submit proof of their research capability and potential, including research publications and/or relevant industry experience
 •   Applicants must submit two references and a research proposal

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Curtin University