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PhD Computer Science in Dankook University - Seoul - South Korea

Dankook University - Seoul - South Korea

About Dankook University

  Dankook University is a private institution in Seoul, South Korea and was founded in 1954. With its strong emphasis on research and innovation, Dankook University has become the most prestigious university in the country.
  Dankook University is well-known for its research capabilities and its focus on implementing innovative solutions to complex issues. Dankook University conducts research in a variety of fields, such as engineering, science, technology, and medicine. The Dankook University delivers several research funding programs, scholarships, and grants to students.

Address & Website of Dankook University

Address:   152 Jukjeon-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Phone:  +82 1899-3700



University Type:  Private university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Dankook University


 •  Ph.D. in Computer Science
 •  B.Sc. in Computer Science
 •  M.Sc. in Computer Science
 •  B.Sc. in Software Engineering
 •  M.Sc. in Software Engineering
 •  B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
 •  M.Sc. in Computer Engineering
 •  B.Sc. in Information Security
 •  M.Sc. in Information Security
 •  B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence
 •  M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science Research Areas - Dankook University


Dankook University is renowned for its cutting-edge research in computer science and its research areas:
 •  Information system
 •  Bioinformatics
 •  Data mining
 •  Computer Security
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Computer Vision
 •  Image Processing
 •  Pattern Recognition
 •  Theoretical Computer Science

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Dankook University

Information System:
 •  Semantic Web Technologies
 •  Natural Language Processing
 •  Big Data Analytics
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Cloud Computing

 •  Genome Analysis
 •  Proteomics
 •  Drug Discovery
 •  Molecular Modeling
 •  Biomedical Image Processing

Data Mining:
 •  Clustering
 •  Association Rules
 •  Feature Selection
 •  Text Mining

Computer Security:
 •  Intrusion Detection
 •  Network Security
 •  Cryptography
 •  Malware Analysis

Machine Learning:
 •  Artificial Neural Networks
 •  Reinforcement Learning
 •  Evolutionary Algorithms

Computer Vision:
 •  Object Tracking
 •  Image Recognition
 •  3D Reconstruction
 •  Motion Estimation

Image Processing:
 •  Image Enhancement
 •  Compression
 •  Denoising
 •  Image Segmentation

Pattern Recognition:
 •  Handwriting Recognition
 •  Face Recognition
 •  Speech Recognition

Theoretical Computer Science:
 •  Algorithms
 •  Computational Complexity
 •  Formal Languages and Automata
 •  Graph Theory

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Dankook University

 •  Computer Vision Lab
 •  Artificial Intelligence Lab
 •  Database & Information System Lab
 •  Embedded System & Network Lab
 •  Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction Lab
 •  Software Engineering Lab
 •  Computer Architecture & Operating System Lab
 •  Theory of Computing & Algorithm Lab
 •  Security & Networking Lab
 •  Robotics & Automation Lab
 •  Big Data & Cloud Computing Lab
 •  Bioinformatics & Medical Informatics Lab
 •  Multimedia Signal Processing Lab
 •  Ubiquitous Computing & Multimedia Lab
 •  Center for AI Research & Education

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Dankook University

 •  Dankook University Scholarship for International Students
 •  Dankook University Excellence Scholarship for International Students
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for Doctoral Degree
 •  Dankook University Excellence Scholarship for Doctoral Degree
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for Advanced Studies
 •  Dankook University Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering Scholarship
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for International Students in Computer Science and Engineering
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Engineering
 •  Dankook University International Graduate Program in Computer Science and Engineering
 •  Dankook University Scholarship for International Exchange Students in Computer Science and Engineering

Funded projects in computer science at Dankook University - Seoul - South Korea

 •  UBCV: Unsupervised Belief-Consensus-based Visualization for Big Data
 •  Development of an Interactive Human-Centered Robot System for Elderly Care
 •  A Study on Human-Robot Interaction for Assistive Robot Applications
 •  An Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Wireless Sensor Networks
 •  Intelligent Car Navigation System using Augmented Reality
 •  A Study on Semantic Web Service Composition with Dynamic Rules
 •  Automatic System for Early Detection of Alzheimer-s Disease

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Dankook University

 •  To be eligible for the Ph.D. computer science program at Dankook University - Seoul - South Korea, the following admission requirements are needed
 •  Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant field with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher from an authorized university
 •  Applicants must submit official transcripts from all universities pursued
 •  Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members or professors
 •  Applicants must submit a statement of purpose detailing their goals and objectives for applying for a Ph.D. in computer science
 •  Applicants must submit a research proposal describing the scope and objectives of the proposed research
 •  Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English by attaching an IELTS or TOEFL score
 •  Applicants must submit a passport copy

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Dankook University