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PhD Computer Science in Korea University - Seoul - South Korea

Korea University - Seoul - South Korea

About Korea University

  Korea University is a private research institution located in Seoul, South Korea, established in 1905. Korea University is one of the oldest and most pre-eminent institutions in South Korea. Korea University comprises 19 colleges, one graduate school, and 17 professional schools.
  Korea University is famous for its research, with its faculty and students with several outstanding research papers in a broad range of disciplines. More specifically, Korea University has been successful in the areas of life sciences.
  Korea University also has a well-known reputation in the fields of engineering and computer science, with its research in the themes of robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Korea University is constantly ranked as one of the best universities in South Korea and is appreciated for its commitment to research and teaching quality.

Address & Website of Korea University

Address:  145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone:  +82 2-3290-1114



University Type:  Private university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Korea University

Undergraduate Courses:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Computer Engineering
 •  Software Engineering
Graduate Courses:
 •  Advanced Software Engineering
 •  Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
 •  Advanced Database Systems
Ph.D. Courses:
 •  Advanced Software Engineering
 •  Advanced Database Systems
 •  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
 •  Advanced Computer Security
 •  Advanced Artificial Intelligence
 •  Advanced Operating Systems

Computer Science Research Areas - Korea University


 •  Computer System Architecture
 •  Computer Vision
 •  Digital eXPerience
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Wireless Data Communications
 •  Distributed & Cloud Computing
 •  Operating Systems
 •  Media
 •  Information System Security
 •  Statistical Machine Learning

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Korea University

Data Mining and Information Systems;
 •  Drug Discovery
 •  Bioinformatics Analysis
 •  Biomedical Image Processing
 •  Recommender Systems
 •  Question and Answering
 •  Search and Financial Data Analysis

Computer System Architecture;
 •  Processor architecture, memory, and storage systems
 •  FPGA and accelerator design
 •  Secure processor architecture

Computer Vision;
 •  3D computer vision
 •  Visual correspondence and understanding
 •  Multi-modal learning
 •  Deep representation learning
 •  Image generation and restoration

Digital eXPerience;
 •  Mobile interaction
 •  Mixed/virtual reality technology
 •  Human-centered HCI

Computer Graphics;
 •  Physics-based visual simulation for VFX effects
 •  Artificial life created by computer graphics

Wireless Data Communications;
 •  5G communication/network
 •  Autonomous driving
 •  IoT
 •  Mobile computing

Distributed & Cloud Computing;
 •  Cloud computing
 •  GPU virtualization
 •  Edge computing

Operating Systems;
 •  Intelligent clouds
 •  Network virtualization system

 •  Virtual Reality
 •  2D reconstruction and augmented reality
 •  Deep learning + 3D application
 •  Computer graphics and physical simulation

Information System Security;
 •  Cloud computing security
 •  Network security
 •  Applied password
 •  Detection of vulnerabilities in the computer system
 •  Blockchain & AI Security

Statistical Machine Learning;
 •  Machine Learning & Neural Information Processing
 •  Few Shot Learning
 •  Brain-Computer Interface
 •  Developing various Machine Learning algorithms for BCI
 •  Signal Processing for BCI
 •  Information Processing for Sensor Networks

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Korea University

 •  Computer Vision Laboratory
 •  Machine Learning & Data Mining Laboratory
 •  Network Science & Security Laboratory
 •  Ubiquitous Computing & Human-Centered Computing Laboratory
 •  Software Engineering Laboratory
 •  Computer Architecture & Operating Systems Laboratory
 •  Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
 •  Mobile & Pervasive Computing Laboratory
 •  Natural Language Processing Laboratory
 •  Robotics & Automation Laboratory
 •  Bioinformatics Laboratory
 •  Computational Intelligence Laboratory
 •  Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things Laboratory
 •  Korea University AI Research Center (KUAIRC)
 •  Korea University Data Science Research Center (KUDSRC)
 •  Korea University Robotics Research Center (KURRC)
 •  Korea University Security Research Center (KUSEC)
 •  Korea University Blockchain Research Center (KUBRC)
 •  Korea University Data-Centric Computing Research Center (KUDCCRC)

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Korea University

 •  Seoul National University Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology Scholarship
 •  Korea University International Scholarship Program
 •  Yonsei University Global Scholars Program
 •  Korea University Graduate School of International Studies Scholarship
 •  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Ph.D. Scholarship
 •  Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies Scholarship
 •  Sungkyunkwan University Scholarship for Ph.D. Students
 •  Hanyang University International Scholarship for Ph.D. Students
 •  KAIST International Graduate Fellowship Program
 •  Korea University Graduate School of Business Scholarship
 •  Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business Scholarship
 •  Seoul National University Graduate School of Business Scholarship
 •  Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Business Scholarship
 •  Korea University Graduate School of Engineering Scholarship
 •  Yonsei University Graduate School of Engineering Scholarship
 •  POSTECH Graduate School of Engineering Scholarship

Funded projects in computer science at Korea University - Seoul - South Korea

 •  Development of Smart Mobile Applications for Smart Home Services
 •  Real-Time Autonomous Vehicle Navigation System
 •  Development of Smart Energy-Efficient Multimedia Streaming System
 •  Optimizing Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
 •  Image Recognition-based Human Activity Recognition System

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Korea University

Admission Requirements for Ph.D. computer science at Korea University - Seoul - South Korea:
 •  Applicants must earn a bachelor-s degree or higher in Computer Science or relevant fields from an authorized institution
 •  For international applicants, English proficiency test scores are required as proof, including the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
 •  Applicants must submit a letter of intent and academic transcripts
 •  Applicants are required to submit a statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Korea University

PhD Admission Notification:
  Ph.D Admission Notification in Korea University