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PhD Computer Science in Pusan National University - Busan - South Korea

Pusan National University - Busan - South Korea

About Pusan National University

  Pusan National University is an international research institution in Busan, South Korea. Pusan National University is one of the top research universities in the country and is ranked amongst the top universities in Asia.
  Pusan National University comprises a wide variety of research centers and institutes, such as the Institute of Global Studies, the Institute of East Asian Studies, and the Institute of Marine Science and Technology. Pusan National University is well-known for its research excellence and furnishes international and student exchange programs with universities worldwide.
  In addition to that, Pusan National University imparts various international and professional possibilities for its students, such as internships, study abroad programs, research opportunities, and more.
  Pusan National University is a global research-oriented university that provides students with a comprehensive view of the globalized world and the interdisciplinary tools and perspectives required to understand that world.

Address & Website of Pusan National University

Address:  2 Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Phone:  +82 51-512-0311



University Type:  National university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Pusan National University

Undergraduate Programs:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Computer Engineering
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Information Security
Graduate Programs:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Computer Engineering
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Artificial Intelligence
Ph.D. Programs:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Computer Engineering
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science Research Areas - Pusan National University


Pusan National University - Busan - South Korea is renowned for its cutting-edge research in computer science and its research themes include;
 •  Computer systems
 •  Computer Vision
 •  Database Systems
 •  System Software
 •  Distributed Systems
 •  VLSI Design Automation
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Computer Architecture
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Theory
 •  Embedded Systems
 •  Cryptography
 •  Hardware/Software Co-design
 •  Object-Oriented Programming
 •  Multimedia
 •  Parallel Processing Systems

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Pusan National University

Computer Systems:
 •  Operating System Design and Implementation
 •  High Performance Computing
 •  Network and Security Protocols

Computer Vision:
 •  Image Processing and Analysis
 •  3D Computer Vision
 •  Image and Video Retrieval

Database Systems:
 •  Query Optimization
 •  Data Mining
 •  Big Data Analytics
 •  Distributed Database Systems

System Software:
 •  Compiler Optimization
 •  Virtual Machine Design
 •  Operating System Security

Distributed Systems:
 •  Distributed File Systems
 •  Publish/Subscribe Systems
 •  Distributed Resource Management
 •  Mobile Computing

VLSI Design Automation:
 •  High-Level Synthesis
 •  FPGA Design and Optimization
 •  Physical Design Automation
 •  Hardware/Software Co-Design

Artificial Intelligence:
 •  Natural Language Processing
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Robotics

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Pusan National University

 •  Neural Network & Robot Vision Lab
 •  Computer Vision Lab
 •  Database & BigData Lab
 •  Artificial Intelligence Lab
 •  ALgorithm and Data Engineering Lab
 •  SOC Design Automation Lab
 •  Intelligent Systems Lab
 •  Spatio-Temporal Databases Lab
 •  IoT Network Systems Lab
 •  Software Engineering Lab
 •  Visual Computing/Biomedical Computing Lab
 •  Advanced Broadcasting and Communications Lab
 •  Embedded Systems Lab
 •  Programming Language Lab
 •  Intelligence Networking & Computing Lab
 •  Software Quality Automated verRficaion & tEst Lab
 •  Network Computing Lab
 •  Future Network & Communication Lab
 •  Information Security & Intelligent IoT Lab
 •  Data science Lab
 •  Software & System Security Lab
 •  Machine Learning & Bioinformatics Lab
 •  Image Computing & Machine Learning Lab
 •  Operating System & Memory Solution Lab
 •  Computer Security Lab
 •  eXtended Reality and HCI Lab

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Pusan National University

 •  Korean Government Scholarship Program
 •  Korean Brainwave Scholarship Program
 •  International Student Scholarship Program
 •  Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
 •  Korean-American Scientists & Engineers Association (KASEN) Scholars Program
 •  Korean-European Science & Technology Exchange Program (KESTEP)
 •  Korean Scholarship Program for Foreign Students
 •  Academic Exchange Program for Graduate Students
 •  PNU Graduate School Scholarship
 •  PNU International Exchange Program Scholarship

Funded projects in computer science at Pusan National University - Busan - South Korea

 •  Advanced Processing and Storage System for IoT Networks
 •  Data Science with AI for Smart Home Appliance
 •  Automated Traffic Management using AI
 •  Smart Grid Security and Reliability System Design
 •  Augmented Reality for Online Education
 •  Mobile Application Development for Smart City

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Pusan National University

Admission Requirements for Ph.D. computer science admission at Pusan National University - Busan - South Korea
 •  Bachelor-s degree in computer science, information technology, or relevant field with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
 •  TOEFL score of at least 80, or IELTS score of at least 6.5
 •  Resume or CV
 •  Two letters of recommendation from professors
 •  Statement of Purpose
 •  Official Transcripts
 •  A copy of the passport