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PhD Computer Science in Sejong University - Seoul - South Korea

Sejong University - Seoul - South Korea

About Sejong University

  Sejong University is a private research prestigious global university located in Seoul, South Korea and established in 1940. Sejong University is the most reputable institutions in the country and comprises of 16 colleges and 4 professional schools, delivering a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Sejong University is renowned for its research greatness and has numerous research centers and institutes committed to exploring new technologies and solutions. Research at Sejong University focuses on leading-edge research in the areas of healthcare, energy, and information and communications technology. Sejong University also assists its students with a dynamic entrepreneurship community and startup incubator.

Address & Website of Sejong University

Address:  South Korea, Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Neungdong-ro, 209 세종대학교

Phone:  +82 2-3408-3114



University Type:  Private university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Sejong University

Undergraduate Courses: 
 •  Computer Science
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Systems Engineering
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Data Science
Graduate Courses:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Systems Engineering
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Data Science
PhD Courses:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Software Engineering
 •  Computer Systems Engineering
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Data Science

Computer Science Research Areas - Sejong University


Sejong University is acclaimed for its excellent research in the field of computer science and its research areas includes;
 •  System Software
 •  Computer Algorithm
 •  Computer Network and Communication
 •  Database
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Software Engineering

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Sejong University

Computer System: 
 •  Low-Power Computer System 
 •  Secure Computing in Cloud Computing Environment
 •  Fault-Tolerant Computer System 
 •   High-Performance Computing on GPUs
 •   Distributed Computer System
System Software: 
 •   Real-Time Operating System 
 •   Embedded Operating System 
 •   Network Operating System 
 •  Mobile Operating System 
 •  Cluster Operating System 
Computer Algorithm: 
 •  Graph Algorithms 
 •  Approximation Algorithms 
 •   Parallel Algorithms 
 •   Randomized Algorithms 
Computer Network and Communication: 
 •   Wireless Network Protocol 
 •   Network Security Protocols 

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Sejong University

 •  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Center (AIRC)
 •  Computer Vision Research Group (CVRG)
 •  Computer Graphics and Visualization Research Group (CGV)
 •  Computer Network Research Group (CNRG)
 •  Computer Security Research Group (CSRG)
 •  Human-Computer Interaction Research Group (HCIRG)
 •  Information Retrieval Research Group (IRRG)
 •  Knowledge Engineering Research Group (KERG)
 •  Mobile Computing Research Group (MCRG)
 •  Natural Language Processing Research Group (NLPRG)
 •  Parallel and Distributed Computing Research Group (PDCRG)
 •   Wireless and Sensor Networks Research Group (WSNRG)
 •  Information Systems Research Laboratory (ISRL)
 •  Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL)
 •  Center for Ubiquitous Computing and Convergence (CUCC)

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Sejong University

 •  Graduate Research Fellowship in Computer Science 
 •  Korea Student Aid Foundation Scholarship 
 •  Sejong University International Scholar Program 
 •  Sejong University Graduate Scholarship 
 •  Korean Government Scholarship Program 
 •  Korean Research Foundation Scholarship Program 
 •   Digital Korea Scholarship 
 •  Young Researchers Program 
 •   Sejong University Postgraduate Scholarship 
 •   LG Scholarship 
 •   SK Hynix Scholarship 
 •   KAIST Scholarship 
 •  Yonsei Global Scholarship

Funded projects in computer science at Sejong University - Seoul - South Korea

 •  Secure Cloud Computing Architecture and Services
 •  Multi-core Reconfigurable System Design and Modeling
 •   Virtual Network Function on Cloud Computing
 •  Advanced Network Security and Privacy Protection
 •   Networked Autonomous System Design and Implementation

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Sejong University

 •  Admission Requirements for PhD computer science in Sejong University - Seoul - South Korea
 •  Applicants must hold a bachelor-s degree or higher from an authorized university with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above 
 •  Applicants must hold completed a minimum of 24 credits in computer science oriented courses
 •  Applicants must attach the following documents:
 •  Official transcripts from all post-secondary universities attended
 •  Official copies of diplomas
 •  Copy of passport
 •  Personal statement
 •  Letter of recommendation
 •  GRE or TOEFL scores

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Sejong University