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PhD Computer Science in Singapore Management University - Singapore

Singapore Management University - Singapore

About Singapore Management University

  The Singapore Management University is a public research institution in Singapore, founded in 2000. Singapore Management University is the third oldest university in the country and the first autonomous university in Singapore.
  Singapore Management University is known for its research and academic greatness in business, economics, law, social sciences, information systems, and public policy. Singapore Management University ranked amongst the leading universities in Asia-Pacific by several international education rankings.
  The Singapore Management University has a robust research focus, emphasizing knowledge creation and innovation in financial technology, digital media, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, analytics, and more.
  Singapore Management University has initiated several research centers and institutes, such as the Centre for Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Centre for Research in Information Systems, Centre for Research in Financial Technologies and Analytics, Centre for Research in Leadership and Management, and Centre for Research in Digital Media and Communications.
  The Singapore Management University holds research collaborations and partnerships with local and international organizations.

Address & Website of Singapore Management University

Address:  81 Victoria St, Singapore 188065

Phone:  +65 6828 0100



University Type:  Autonomous university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Singapore Management University

 •  Computer Science
 •  Technology and Digital Media
 •  Computer Science and Information Systems

 •  Computer Science
 •  Technology and Digital Media
 •  Computer Science and Information Systems
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Data Science

 •  Computer Science
 •  Technology and Digital Media
 •  Artificial Intelligence
 •  Data Science

Computer Science Research Areas - Singapore Management University


The computer science research at Singapore Management University in Singapore is making great strides in the fields including;
 •  Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
 •  Human-Machine Collaborative Systems
 •  Information Systems & Technology
 •  Computing Practice & Education
 •  Urban Systems & Operations
 •  Active Citizenry & Communities
 •  Safety & Security

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Singapore Management University

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science;
 •  Data Management & Analytics
 •  Intelligent Systems & Optimisation
 •  Machine Learning & Intelligence

Human-Machine Collaborative Systems;
 •  Pervasive Sensing & Systems
 •  Multimedia
 •  Human-Computer Interaction

Information Systems & Technology;
 •  Software Engineering & Systems
 •  Cybersecurity
 •  Information Systems Management

Computing Practice & Education;
 •  Technology-Enhanced Learning
 •  Computing Curriculum & Pedagogy
 •  Analytics & Decision Support Practice
 •  IT Practice-Methodologies, Architectures & Framework

Urban Systems & Operations;
 •  Crowd Management
 •  Urban Mobility & Smart Commuting
 •  Urban Logistics & Sustainability
 •  Maritime Traffic Management

Active Citizenry & Communities;
 •  Community Crowdsourcing & Crowdtasking
 •  Job & Skill Intelligence
 •  Lifestyle & Wellness Intelligence
 •  Urban & Social Analytics

Safety & Security;
 •  Optimization of Security & Civil Resource Deployment
 •  Security of Digital Platforms & Devices
 •  Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing & Analytics
 •  Cybersecurity Regulations & Policies

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Singapore Management University

 •  SMU Big Data and AI Research Centre
 •  SMU-TCS iCity Lab
 •  Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence
 •  Institute of Systems Science
 •  SMU Blockchain Research Centre
 •  Centre for Research and Education in Data Science
 •  Centre for Research in Information Technology
 •  Centre for Research in Business Analytics
 •  NUS-SMU Centre for AI and Data Governance
 •  NUS-SMU Centre for Financial Engineering
 •  SMU-NUS Research Centre for Gamification and Behaviour Change

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Singapore Management University

 •  SMU Ph.D. Scholarship
 •  SMU International Graduate Scholarship
 •  SMU Graduate Research Scholarship
 •  SMU Alumni Graduate Scholarship
 •  SMU Graduate Scholarship
 •  SMU Graduate Student Exchange Fellowship
 •  SMU Postdoctoral Fellowship
 •  SMU Global Research Scholarships
 •  SMU International Research Student Exchange Programme
 •  SMU Graduate Mobility Programme
 •  SMU Graduate Research Fellowship
 •  SMU Ph.D. Fellowship for International Students
 •  SMU Graduate Research Assistantship
 •  SMU Research Assistantship for International Students
 •  SMU International Graduate Student Exchange
 •  SMU Graduate Student Research Travel Award
 •  SMU Graduate Research Travel Award
 •  SMU International Graduate Student Research Mobility Award
 •  SMU International Graduate Student Research Award

Funded projects in computer science at Singapore Management University - Singapore

 •  Smart Computing for Smart Nation
 •  Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
 •  Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security
 •  Autonomous Vehicles for Smart Mobility
 •  AI-Driven Augmented Reality for Education
 •  Blockchain for Data Security
 •  Augmented Intelligence for Smart Healthcare

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Singapore Management University

 •  The Singapore Management University requires applicants to have at least a bachelor-s degree in computer science or a related field such as mathematics, electrical engineering, or physics.
 •  Applicants must submit the following requirements
 •  Official transcripts
 •  A statement of purpose
 •  Two letters of recommendation
 •  A copy of their CV or resume