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PhD Computer Science in Sogang University - Seoul - South Korea

Sogang University - Seoul - South Korea

About Sogang University

  Sogang University is a private research institution in Seoul, South Korea, established in 1960. Sogang University is the first university in South Korea founded by the Catholic Church. Sogang University owns a significant focus on research, with its number of research centers, institutes, and laboratories.
  The Sogang University holds collaborations with other universities, research institutes, and industry partners to work on cutting-edge research projects and develop new technologies.

Address & Website of Sogang University

Address:  35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone:  +82 2-705-8114



University Type:  Private university

Computer Science Courses Offered by Sogang University


 •  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
 •  Master of Science in Computer Science
 •  Ph.D. in Computer Science
 •  Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
 •  Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence
 •  Master of Science in Cybersecurity
 •  Master of Science in Software Engineering
 •  Master of Science in Information Technology Management
 •  Ph.D. in Software Engineering
 •  Ph.D. in Information Technology Management

Computer Science Research Areas - Sogang University


Sogang University-s computer science research is renowned for its focus on developing cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems. Some of its research areas such as
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Data Mining
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Embedded Computing
 •  High-Performance Visual Computing

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - Sogang University

Machine Learning;
 •  Machine learning based on statistics
 •  Information theory
 •  Linguistics
 •  Intelligent learning agents
 •  Deep learning and reinforcement learning

Data Mining;
 •  Video understanding
 •  Recommender systems
 •  Social networks
 •  Bioinformatics
 •  Fintech
 •  Robotics
 •  Parallel and distributed
 •  Data mining with multi-core/GPUs

Computer Graphics;
 •  Geometric modeling
 •  Animation
 •  Rendering
 •  Realistic real-time rendering
 •  3D world reconstruction from captured RGB-D images

Embedded Computing;
 •  Highly optimized embedded systems
 •  High-performance and energy-efficient computer architectures
 •  High precision low power positioning system for unmanned vehicles
 •  Image-based stem-cell sorting computer system
 •  Optimized memory system for mobile applications
 •  Non-volatile memory-based FPGA architectures
 •  Energy efficient network stack for IoT devices

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - Sogang University

 •  Sogang University Computer Science and Engineering Research Center
 •  Sogang University Computer Science Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Network Computing and Security Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Database and Information Systems Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
 •  Sogang University Visual Computing Laboratory

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - Sogang University

 •  Sogang University Global Scholarship Program
 •  Sogang University Fellowship Program
 •  Sogang University GKS-R Scholarship Program
 •  Sogang University Underwood International College Fellowship Program
 •  Sogang University Graduate Research and Education Program
 •  Sogang University Graduate Studies Scholarship
 •  Sogang University Ph.D. Scholarship Program
 •  Sogang University Academic and Research Exchange Program

Funded projects in computer science at Sogang University - Seoul - South Korea

 •  Open Network System for Enhancing Multi-Core Processor Performance
 •  Development of a Dynamic Multi-layer Network Security System
 •  Development of an Energy-Efficient and Self-Organizing Network System

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -Sogang University

Admission Requirements for Ph.D. computer science program at Sogang University - Seoul - South Korea
 •  Applicants must hold a bachelor-s degree in computer science, engineering, or relevant fields with a minimum GPA of 3.0
 •  Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency and submit either TOEFL or TEPS scores
 •  Applicants must submit a statement of purpose detailing their research interests, goals, and objectives
 •  Two letters of recommendation
 •  Applicants also submit all official transcripts

List of PhD Supervisors:
  Ph.D Supervisors in Sogang University