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PhD Computer Science in The Catholic University of Korea - Gyeonggi - South Korea

The Catholic University of Korea - Gyeonggi - South Korea

About The Catholic University of Korea

  The Catholic University of Korea in Gyeonggi is a private, comprehensive institution in South Korea established in 1855. The Catholic University of Korea is the first and largest Catholic institution in South Korea and one of the leading universities in the country.
  The Catholic University of Korea owns a powerful research focus conducted in a broad range of disciplines, such as engineering, science, humanities, law, business, social sciences, and medicine. The Catholic University of Korea is a hub for several research centers and institutes, including the Institute for Basic Science, the Institute for Science and Technology, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Catholic Institute of Global Studies.
  The Catholic University of Korea is a leader in advancing new technologies and has a long history of collaboration with industry.

Address & Website of The Catholic University of Korea

Address:  296-12 Changgyeonggung-ro, Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone:  +82 2-740-9714



University Type:  Private University

Computer Science Courses Offered by The Catholic University of Korea

Undergraduate Courses:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Database Technology
 •  Network Technology
 •  Web Technology
 •  Operating System
 •  Programming Language
 •  Computer Architecture
 •  Computer Graphics
 •  Artificial Intelligence
Graduate Courses:
 •  Database Management
 •  Network Protocols and Security
 •  Cloud Computing
 •  Advanced Web Technology
 •  Advanced Operating Systems
 •  Advanced Programming Languages
 •  Advanced Computer Architecture
 •  Advanced Computer Graphics
 •  Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Ph.D. Courses:
 •  Computer Science
 •  Computer Graphics and Visualization
 •  Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation
 •  Natural Language Processing
 •  Intelligent Robotics
 •  Computer Vision
 •  Automated Reasoning
 •  Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Computer Science Research Areas - The Catholic University of Korea


 •  Molecular Computation
 •  Computational Informatics
 •  Digital Holography
 •  Digital Signal Processing
 •  Image Processing
 •  Medical Imaging
 •  DNA Nanotechnology
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Satellite Communication Systems
 •  System Biology
 •  Wireless Communication
 •  Statistical Signal Processing

Research Topics in Computer Science Research - The Catholic University of Korea

Molecular Computation:
 •  Protein Sequence Alignment
 •  Molecular Dynamics Simulation
 •  Molecular Interactions and Networks
 •  Protein Folding

Computational Informatics:
 •  Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
 •  Natural Language Processing
 •  Machine Learning
 •  Automated Reasoning

Digital Holography:
 •  Digital Holographic Microscopy
 •  Holographic Data Storage
 •  Holographic Interferometry
 •  Digital Holography in Medicine

Digital Signal Processing:
 •  Speech and Audio Processing
 •  Video Processing
 •  Image Processing
 •  Pattern Recognition

Image Processing:
 •  Image Enhancement
 •  Image Segmentation
 •  Image Compression
 •  Image Inpainting

Medical Imaging:
 •  Medical Image Analysis
 •  Computer-Aided Diagnosis
 •  Image-Guided Surgery
 •  3D Image Reconstruction

DNA Nanotechnology:
 •  DNA Origami
 •  DNA-based Computing
 •  DNA Nanostructures

Machine Learning:
 •  Deep Learning
 •  Reinforcement Learning
 •  Transfer Learning
 •  Unsupervised Learning

Satellite Communication Systems:
 •  Satellite Network Topology Design
 •  Satellite Network Security
 •  Satellite Network Protocols
 •  Satellite Channel Modelling

System Biology:
 •  Biological Network Analysis
 •  Computational Systems Biology
 •  Genomics

Computer Science Research Labs with Specialization - The Catholic University of Korea

 •  Algorithm Research Group
 •  Bioinformatics Research Group
 •  Visual Computing Research Group
 •  Software Engineering Research Group
 •  Signal and Imaging Processing Laboratory
 •  Computational Informatics Laboratory
 •  Bio-inspired Molecular Computing Laboratory
 •  Advanced Computing Laboratory

Scholarship Programs and Funded Projects for Computer Science - The Catholic University of Korea

 •  Graduate Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  University Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  Research Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  Graduate Fellowship for Computer Science
 •  Doctoral Fellowship for Computer Science
 •  Graduate Research Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  Graduate Student Fellowship for Computer Science
 •  8. Doctoral Program Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  International Scholarship for Computer Science
 •  Doctoral Program Fellowship for Computer Science

Funded projects in computer science at The Catholic University of Korea - Gyeonggi - South Korea

 •  Development of an AI-based Automatic Programming Tutoring System
 •  Development of a Multi-Agent System for Smart City Services
 •  Design and Development of an AI-based Humanoid Robot
 •  Development of a Medical Image Analysis System for Early Diagnosis Development of a System for Real-time Video Surveillance
 •  Development of an AI-based Autonomous Robot for Intelligent Surveillance
 •  Development of a Machine Learning System for Automated Demand Response in Smart Grid

PhD Admission Procedure for Computer Science -The Catholic University of Korea

Ph.D. Admission Requirements in The Catholic University of Korea - Gyeonggi - South Korea
 •  A completed online application form
 •  Official transcripts from all institutions
 •  A copy of a valid passport
 •  A personal statement
 •  Two reference letters
 •  A research proposal
 •  English language proficiency test scores such as TOEFL or IELTS
 •  Official copy of the highest degree certificate
 •  A copy of the diploma
 •  Payment of application fee