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How EdgeCloudsim is ease to use parameters compared to CloudSim?

  • Description

    In CloudSim, too many parameters are used in simulations and managing these parameters programmatically is difficult. As a result, it proposes to use configuration files to manage the parameters. EdgeCloudSim reads parameters dynamically from the following files: Simulation settings are managed in configuration file.

    applications.xml:Application properties are stored in xml file.

    edge_devices.xml:Edge devices (datacenters, hosts, VMs etc.) are defined in xml file.

  • What are the modules in EdgeCloudSim?

    1.Core simulation module.
    2.Networking module.
    3.Load generator module.
    4.Mobility Module and
    5.Edge Orchestrator.

  • What is Core Simulation module in EdgeCloudSim?

    In this module, loads and runs the edge computing scenario from the configuration file. It provides the logging mechanism to save the simulation results in comma separated value data format by default.

  • What is the function of networking module in EdgeCloudSim?

    The default implementation of the networking module is based on a single server queue model. It handles the calculation of transmission delay in the WLAN and WAN by considering upload and download data.