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How to Run MiniEdit Simulator in Mininet-Wifi?

Step by Step Run MiniEdit Simulator in Mininet-Wifi


      Mininet has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) known as Miniedit. MiniEdit is an experimental tool kit created to clarify how Mininet can expand and comes with a very straightforward interface canvas with many icons representing divergent tools. A miniedit simulator is designed to create circumstances containing all of the software variables and disposition that will exist in an app's production environment. Mininet-WiFi imitates its position and wireless ranges by assigning stations to other stations or access points or repealing the wireless associations. Mininet-WiFi extends the Mininet code base by adding or reforming categories and scripts. To run MiniEdit Simulator in Mininet-Wifi, follow the given samples

    Start MiniEdit

      The MiniEdit script is located in Mininet’s examples folder. To run MiniEdit, execute the command:

      $ ./mininet-wifi/examples/

    MiniEdit User Interface

      MiniEdit has a simple user interface that presents a canvas with a row of tool icons on the left side of the window and a menu bar along the top of the window.