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Latest Research Papers in Software Defined Networks

Latest Research Papers in Software Defined Networks

Trending Software Defined Networks Research Papers

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a novel paradigm to networking that employs software-based controllers support with application programming interfaces (APIs) to communicate with underlying hardware infrastructure and direct traffic on a network. This model differs from traditional networks, which use dedicated hardware devices like switches, and routers to control network traffic. Software Defined Networking is important because it customizes network infrastructure and increases control with greater speed and flexibility. The major difference between SDN and traditional networking is its infrastructure.

The SDN is software-based, and traditional networking is hardware based. SDN is more flexible than traditional networking. It allows administrators to control the network, increase network capacity, change configuration settings, and provision resources from a centralized user interface without needing hardware. The benefits of an SDN are the speed and flexibility offered and able to support trends technologies such as edge computing and the Internet-of-Things (IOT), which require quick data transfer and easily between remote sites.

SDN applications programs that programmatically, explicitly, and directly communicate their network requirements and desired network behavior to the SDN Controller. Meanwhile, SDN offers the best solutions for data confidentiality and integrity. It is also integrated with deep learning, machine learning, and blockchain models to improve the efficiency of hybrid SDN.

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