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Advanced Intelligent Predictive Models For Urban Transportation - Research Book

Advanced Intelligent Predictive Models For Urban Transportation - Research Book

Essential Research Book in Advanced Intelligent Predictive Models For Urban Transportation

Author(s) Name:  R. Sathiyaraj, A Bharathi, Balamurugan Balusamy

About the Book:

   The book emphasizes the predictive models of Big Data, Genetic Algorithm, and IoT with a case study. The book illustrates the predictive models with integrated fuel consumption models for smart and safe traveling. The text is a coordinated amalgamation of research contributions and industrial applications in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The advanced predictive models and research results were achieved with the case studies, deployed in real transportation environments.

  • Provides a smart traffic congestion avoidance system with an integrated fuel consumption model.
  • Predicts traffic in short-term and regular. This is illustrated with a case study.
  • Efficient Traffic light controller and deviation system in accordance with the traffic scenario.
  • IoT based Intelligent Transport Systems in a Global perspective.
  • Intelligent Traffic Light Control System and Ambulance Control System.
  • Provides a predictive framework that can handle the traffic on abnormal days, such as weekends, festival holidays.
  • Bunch of solutions and ideas for smart traffic development in smart cities.
  • This book focuses on advanced predictive models along with offering an efficient solution for smart traffic management system.
  • This book will give a brief idea of the available algorithms/techniques of big data, IoT, and genetic algorithm and guides in developing a solution for smart city applications.
  • This book will be a complete framework for ITS domain with the advanced concepts of Big Data Analytics, Genetic Algorithm and IoT.
  • Table of Contents
  • Overview
  • Related Works
  • Smart Traffic Prediction and Congestion Avoidance System (S-TPCA) Using Genetic Predictive Models for Urban Transportation
  • Short-Term Traffic Prediction Model (STTPM)
  • An Efficient Intelligent Traffic Light Control and Deviation System
  • IoT-Based Intelligent Transportation System (IoT-ITS)
  • Intelligent Traffic Light Control and Ambulance Control System
  • Conclusions and Future Research
  • ISBN:  9781032108513

    Publisher:  Chapman and Hall/CRC

    Year of Publication:  2022

    Book Link:  Home Page Url