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Privacy preserving neighborhood awareness in vehicular ad hoc networks

Privacy preserving neighborhood awareness in vehicular ad hoc networks

Latest Research Book in Privacy preserving neighborhood awareness in vehicular ad hoc networks

Author(s) Name:  Osama Abumansoor, Azzedine Boukerche, Bjorn Landfeldt, Samer Samarah

About the Book:

   Location information is exchanged among members of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) to serve many road and safety applications. Vehicles will announce their identity, position, and mobility information to their neighboring nodes. The importance of such information makes privacy a major concern. Successful implementation of VANET requires protecting the vehicle-s identity at all times and preventing attackers from tracking vehicles and building traveling profiles of other users.
   The authorities, on the other hand, should be permitted to track certain subjects for non-repudiation and accountability purposes. Researchers have discussed privacy in VANET and have proposed different solutions to protect users identities, such as using digital signatures. However, there is still a risk that profile building can be done by an attacker using a compromised vehicle. In this paper, we will describe the security threat and propose a solution to protect the user-s privacy by eliminating the use of vehicle IDs in beacon messages and secure information handling.

Table of Contents

  • Experimental evaluation of asymmetric QoS in IEEE 802.11g wireless networks
  • Performance analysis of packet bursting scheme in IEEE 802.11e WLANs under slow rayleigh fading with non markovian stochastic petri nets
  • Robust and low-cost solution for preventing sidejacking attacks in wireless networks using a rolling code
  • mCoSS: a multi-Constraints Scheduling Strategy for WiMAX networks
  • Fast and flexible unsupervised custering algorithm based on ultrametric properties
  • Contributors
  • ISBN:  9781450308991

    Publisher:  ACM New York

    Year of Publication:  2011

    Book Link:  Home Page Url