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Latest Research Papers in Web Technology

Latest Research Papers in Web Technology

Trending Web Technology Research Papers

Web technology includes anything that facilitates user interaction with the enormous World Wide Web, also known as the Internet. Everything is now web-based these days. So, Web technology has become crucial for engagement from clients to servers. Therefore, newer technology is being used, whereas the older ones are quickly changing to include more diverse functionalities. Many types of web technologies are used, like programming languages, frameworks, web crawlers, and content management services.

In general, Web-based applications differ from other traditional applications in terms of high reliability, high usability, security, better technologies, shorter time to market, shorter product life cycles, and continuous maintenance. Web applications have become very easy to apply and use, and their scalability for organizations is vast. The main advantage of web technology is that it offers convenience and high communication speed in the computer world. The challenges faced in web development technologies are User interface and user experience, scalability, performance, and knowledge of various frameworks and platforms.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in Web Technology