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Research Topics for Micro Cloud Computing

Micro Cloud Computing

Trending Micro Cloud Computing Research Topics

   In recent years, Micro-Cloud computing has gained significant attention among researchers. The Micro-Cloud is the small-scale standalone infrastructure, deployed closer to the users in a distributed manner. Micro-Cloud only has the ability to perform the computing in low-power processors that are either co-located with routers and switches or located in dedicated spaces closer to user devices. The Micro-Clouds ensure high-level performance by its significant characteristics such as portability, location, and control over application placement. The Micro-Cloud scale is in stark compared to the cloud data centers however, it offers similar capabilities of the cloud in terms of providing resource access in on-demand and pay-as-you-go fashion. Micro-clouds are different from mini-data centers or mini-clouds in which sever racks are deployed in an indoor environment, for example, employed in a humidity and temperature-controlled server room. Micro-clouds are easily portable and independent of the infrastructure, which is the modular assembling of computers. Micro Cloud Computing encounters numerous challenges, which are discussed as follows: • Partitioning an application and its data across both the high-end and low-power processors is essential to improve the overall performance measured by user-defined objectives. • In Micro-Clouds, the abstraction of network management between the cloud and the edge occurs without depending on the underlying hardware. • Integrating the micro clouds with the existing computing ecosystem is a challenging task. • Pre-planning the environment and estimating the computing process is critical due to the dynamic underlying networks