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Privacy-Preserving and Public Auditing for Cloud Storage Applying Regeneration-Code-based using RSA Algorithm - 2016

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


The cloud has measure issues of bulk data storage, outsourced data corruptions, fault tolerance together with data integrity check and failure reparation. Another problem is that user need to always stay online for the purpose of continuous auditing of his own data which is not practically possible, especially for long-term archival storage. This might result in data owners loss of ultimate control over the fate of their outsourced data [1]. Thus, the correctness, accessibility and reliability of the data are being put at risk. To solve the above problem of failed auditing in the absence of data owners, system introduce a proxy server, which is privileged to regenerate the authenticators, into the traditional public auditing system. This arrangement helps to outsource the burden of continuous online availability of user for auditing purpose to proxy server. In addition to this systems introduce regenerating-code-based cloud storage to handle the problem of data integrity check and failure reparation.

Author(s) Name:  Pooja K. Patil,Reshma Anil Bhailume,Dipali Arun Ware,Sayali Avinash Inamdar and Sushma Bhagawat Waghmare

Journal name:  

Conferrence name:  IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Advancements in Computer & Information Technology

Publisher name:  IJCA


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