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Verifiable Auditing for Outsourced Database in Cloud Computing - 2015

Verifiable Auditing for Outsourced Database in Cloud Computing

Research Area:  Cloud Computing


The notion of database outsourcing enables the data owner to delegate the database management to a cloud service provider (CSP) that provides various database services to different users. Recently, plenty of research work has been done on the primitive of outsourced database. However, it seems that no existing solutions can perfectly support the properties of both correctness and completeness for the query results, especially in the case when the dishonest CSP intentionally returns an empty set for the query request of the user. In this paper, we propose a new verifiable auditing scheme for outsourced database, which can simultaneously achieve the correctness and completeness of search results even if the dishonest CSP purposely returns an empty set. Furthermore, we can prove that our construction can achieve the desired security properties even in the encrypted outsourced database. Besides, the proposed scheme can be extended to support the dynamic database setting by incorporating the notion of verifiable database with updates.


Author(s) Name:  Jianfeng Wang; Xiaofeng Chen; Xinyi Huang; Ilsun You and Yang Xiang

Journal name:  IEEE Transactions on Computers

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/TC.2015.2401036

Volume Information:   Volume: 64, Issue: 11, Nov. 1 2015,Page(s): 3293 - 3303