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Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain - Research Book

Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain

Top Research Book in Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain

Author(s) Name:  Chinmay Chakraborty, Subhendukumar Pani, Mohd Abdul Ahad, Qin Xin

About the Book:

   Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain provides imperative research on the development of data fusion and analytics for healthcare and their implementation into current issues in a real-time environment. While highlighting IoT, bio-inspired computing, big data, and evolutionary programming, the book explores various concepts and theories of data fusion, IoT, and Big Data Analytics. It also investigates the challenges and methodologies required to integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources, analytical platforms in healthcare sectors. This book is unique in the way that it provides useful insights into the implementation of a smart and intelligent healthcare system in a post-Covid-19 world using enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain in providing transparent, faster, secure and privacy preserved healthcare ecosystem for the masses.

Table of Contents

1. Artificial Intelligence enabled Internet of Medical Things for Enhanced Healthcare Systems
2. Integrating Sensor, Actuators and IoT for for Smart Healthcare in Post COVID-19 World
3. Voice Signal based Disease Diagnosis using IoT and Learning Algorithms for Healthcare
4. Intelligent and sustainable approaches for medical big data management
5. A Predictive method for Emotional Sentiment Analysis by Machine Learning from EEG of Brainwave Data
6. Role of AI and IoT based medical diagnostics smart health care system for post-Covid-19 world
7. Windowed Modified Discrete Cosine Transform based Textural Descriptor approach for Voice Disorder Detection
8. Internet of Medical Things for Abnormality detection in Infants using Mobile Phone App with cry Signal Analysis
9. IoT based Effective Wearable Healthcare Monitoring System for Remote Areas
10. Blockchain for Transparent, Privacy Preserved and Secure Health Data Management
11. SPSHS: Security and Privacy Concerns in Smart Healthcare System

ISBN:  9780323919166

Publisher:  Elsevier

Year of Publication:  2022

Book Link:  Home Page Url