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Industrial Internet of Things: Cybermanufacturing Systems

Industrial Internet of Things: Cybermanufacturing Systems

Essential Research book for Industrial Internet of Things: Cybermanufacturing Systems

Author(s) Name:  Sabina Jeschke, Christian Brecher, Houbing Song, Danda B. Rawat

About the Book:

   The Internet of Things (IoT) is an information network of physical objects (sensors, machines, cars, buildings, and other items) that allows interaction and cooperation of these objects to reach common goals [2]. While the IoT affects among others transportation, healthcare, or smart homes, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers in particular to industrial environments. In this context Cyber Manufacturing Systems (CMS) evolved as a significant term. This opening chapter gives a brief introduction of the development of IIoT introducing also the Digital Factory and cyber-physical systems. Furthermore, the challenges and requirements of IIoT and CMS are discussed as well as potentials regarding the application in Industry 4.0 are identified.
   In this process aspects as economic impact, architectural pattern and infrastructures are taken into account. Besides, also major research initiatives are presented. In addition to that, an orientation to the reader is given in this chapter by providing brief summaries of the chapters published in this book. Hereby, the following research areas are addressed: “Modeling for CPS and CPS”, “Architectural Design Patterns for CMS and IIoT”, “Communication and Networking”, “Artificial Intelligence and Analytics”, and “Evolution of Workforce and Human-Machine-Interaction”. The chapter closes with a discussion about future trends of IIoT and CMS within Industry.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Modeling for CPS and CMS
  • Architectural Design Patterns for CMS and IIoT
  • Communication and Networking
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Manufacturing
  • ISBN:  9783319425580

    Publisher:  Springer International Publishing

    Year of Publication:  2016

    Book Link:  Home Page Url